Samuel L Jackson Partners with Amazon Alexa

Samuel L Jackson has teamed up with Amazon, lending his voice to its virtual assistant, Alexa.

Samuel L. Jackson for Amazon Alexa

Samuel L Jackson can be your celebrity voice assistant for only a dollar. Amazon announced at its hardware event last week that the actor’s distinctive voice and personality is now a voice option for Amazon Alexa.

Amazon recorded Jackson’s voice and applied its neural text-to-speech (NTTS) technology to teach Alexa how to sound like him regardless of what it is saying. That means users can hear Jackson’s voice as a response from Alexa, even if the answer was not a phrase recorded in the studio.


But there are more features to be had from the Samuel L Jackson version of Alexa besides the actor’s voice. Jackson also recorded several unique jokes, comments, and information about himself for users to hear.

Though Jackson’s voice skill is flexible, it can’t do everything the Alexa voice assistant is capable of. The default voice will return when asked to do a shopping list, set a reminder or interact with other voice skills.

Because Jackson is well-known for both family-friendly and more adult fare, the voice skill comes in both explicit and non-explicit versions or what could be referred to as Snakes on a Plane and The Incredibles editions.

Each version is currently available for $0.99, although the price will increase to $4.99 by the end of the year. Amazon said that Jackson is only the first celebrity voice in the works for Alexa and that more are planned to debut next year.

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