Client: Pollyanna Woodward Launches Energizer EcoAdvanced battery

Celebrity Group successfully brought together former Gadget Show host, Pollyanna Woodward, with Energizer to unveil the brand’s replica of Tower Bridge made entirely out of recycled batteries that took designers four weeks to build.

The project celebrated the launch of Energizer’s EcoAdvanced battery, the world’s first AA battery made with four per cent recycled batteries. Pollyanna was on-board to provide her expertise and raise awareness about the importance of recycling old batteries.

Commenting on the launch, the former gadget show presenter said, “With UK households buying 392 million batteries per year, it’s about time that there was a more sustainable battery option for us to buy without compromising performance.

As a tech geek I am truly in awe of what Energizer has achieved. It has re-imagined Tower Bridge into a battery-powered sculpture, turning waste into wonderful – just like the Energizer EcoAdvanced battery does, by turning part of old batteries into brand new ones! Who could have imagined we’d be recycling batteries to make new ones? This truly challenges what was thought possible and is testament to the steps the business is taking to future proof our planet.

Once finished, the structure stood at four meters high, by 12 meters long, and weighed in at an incredible two tonnes!

The replica also ensured a genuine likeness with a battery operated bridge that opened and closed in synch with the real London landmark.

Environmental expert, Tony Juniper, stated, “With environmental awareness driving 74 per cent of consumers to actively seek goods and services that are more sustainable, the decade to come will see new advances start to provide answers to many of the economic and environmental challenges we face.

“However, these goods and services will come with the expectation of high performance as standard. Energizer EcoAdvanced marries both perfectly. A more sustainable battery with high performance.”

It was in situ at Potters Fields Park before being dismantled so that the used batteries could be recycled into future packs of Energizer EcoAdvanced.

This launch is the first step on a journey for more responsible batteries and, by 2025, Energizer’s vision for Energizer EcoAdvanced is to increase the amount of recycled battery material ten-fold to 40 percent.


Bringing together Energizer with TV presenter, Pollyanna Woodward, to unveil the launch of the brand’s Energizer EcoAdvanced: the world’s first AA battery made with four percent recycled batteries.