• Pixie Lott – New face of “Steffi Love”

    Beautiful and talented Pixie Lott has become the face of and “Best Friend” of the hugely popular fashion doll “Steffi Love” which has sold over 20 million units. A new TV commercial featuring Pixie will be aired on the children’s channels, such as Disney and Nickelodeon in late 2015. The Pixie Lott/Steffi Love range of fashion dolls will be in the shops in time for Christmas 2015.

  • Tess Daly launches Disney Show

    “Strictly Dancing” host and presenter Tess Daly was on hand to publicise the launch of Disney’s “Dare to Dream” Christmas ice show which is running at the O2 Arena in December 2013 and January 2014.

  • Specsavers at Royal Opera House

    Celebrity Group were pleased to have been asked to organise most of the celebrity guests for Specsavers “Spectacle Wearer of The Year Awards” at The Royal Opera House.

  • Dame Edna on Red Carpet

    Click to watch the video of Dame Edna being interviewed on the Red Carpet at Spectacle Wearer of The Year event at the Royal Opera House.

  • Ainsley Harriott for Fairy Liquid

    The beginning of a series of long running and highly successful TVC’s for Unilever’s Fairy brand which included Fairy Liquid, Liquitabs and dishwasher tablets all featuring celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott.

  • Steffi Graf for REXONA

    An international campaign for Unilever shown in many countries around the world. The brand is known by different names in different countries. In the UK it is known as SURE and in other countries as REXONA. The TVC was the same in each country, only the pack shot and V/O was different. This is is the German version.

  • Des Lynam for Miracle Gro

    Sports broadcaster Des Lynam was proposed by Celebrity Group to the advertising agency to advertise Miracle Gro garden additives. Numerous scripts were filmed in Florida and South Africa during the British Winter, where the plants were in bloom, so as to represent the British Summer.

  • Bristol & West Building Society

    Angus Deayton, Freddie Star, Ulrika Jonsson, Thora Hird, John Peel and Kenny Dalglish in a series of TVC’s for Bristol & West.