Emirates Airlines Signs Jennifer Aniston as its New Face

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston is the new face of Dubai-basied airline, Emirates.

Jennifer Aniston for Emirates

Jennifer Aniston signed a deal to promote Emirates Airlines just before marrying her longtime beau, Justin Theroux. The actress endorses the airline brand in a worldwide advertising campaign, in which she appears in global print and TV commercials for the airline.

This partnership comes close on the heels of its UAE-based rival Etihad’s signing of Nicole Kidman, back in March. Kidman is both the star and narrator of a commercial that runs on global TV stations and social media in both 60- and 30-second formats, with still versions of the campaign appearing in print, digital and outdoor advertising.

The two Hollywood actresses are constantly in the limelight but keep out of controversial matters, a key asset when choosing celebrity ambassadors.

Jennifer Aniston sells a whole package that is both glamorous and attainable — which is exactly what Emirates sells.

Meanwhile, newlyweds Aniston and Theroux are currently honeymooning in the Bora Bora islands with friends. Their A-list buddies include Aniston’s BFF Courteney Cox, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, his wife Molly McNearney and daughter Jane. Jason Bateman also joined them on the trip at the Four Seasons in the Polynesian destination.

Jennifer Aniston, best known for playing Rachel Green in the popular sitcom “Friends”, secretly wed her fiancé Justin Theroux in their $22 million Bel-Air mansion last week.


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