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The science of celebrity endorsements

The facts show that advertising featuring a celebrity will outsell the same ad without a celebrity 2-1. Even allowing for a substantial fee to the celebrity endorser these ads will usually cost much less than many traditional commercials, and perform better. If you work at a recognised advertising or PR agency and are interested in reading more about the science of celebrity endorsements Celebrity Group will be delighted to send you the FREE link to our E-Book “Celebrity Sells”. Simply contact us using our Quick Enquiry Form and ask to be sent the free link to “Celebrity Sells”. You can also watch our YouTube video by clicking the video start icon at the top of our Home Page.

We work closely with clients and celebrities to deliver the most effective advertising and endorsement campaigns. We have a history of success with a diverse number of clients in the Marketing, Advertising and PR sector. Contact us today to learn more about our celebrity management services and the many benefits offered.

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